Tuscan medieval towns and their festivals Tuscan medieval towns and their festivals

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Tuscan medieval towns and their festivals

Histories and tradition from the Tuscan medieval towns

From the Siena Monuments to the Orcia Valley: Tuscan villages bring back medieval folklore.

Siena, Firenze, Pisa and Arezzo are cities known worldwide for their monuments, but they would not be so famous without the support of their traditions and annual festivals that bring new life to the same monuments and masterpieces. The best example is that of Palio of Siena: every year the narrow streets of Siena return to Medieval times for the most famous horse-race in the world, the Palio. But Siena is not alone in celebrating its history, many other Tuscan towns celebrate a rich heritage of festivals, feasts and folklore.

Tuscan towns and their feasts: Siena and its lands present a rich calendar of events and festivals between some of the most beautiful monuments and villages in the whole of Europe .

 In September in Siena the “Tabernacoli Feast”, will take place with colourful traditional celebrations happening among Siena's monuments and buildings.

Medieval festivals, pageants, festivals: Siena's monuments and Tuscan villages show its visitors their beauties and traditions.

Siena's monuments and Tuscan villages will be open during the entire summer to share with tourists their festivals and feasts. Every year, on the 25th of June, in San Quirico d'Orcia, Tuscan people commemorate the historical meeting between Emperor Frederick Barbarossa and the papal messengers. In local monuments and along the roadside, plenty of medieval traditions and tastes will be on display.

Popular traditions are our deepest and greatest memory. In them, even today, we can rediscover the meaning of being.

Tuscan medieval towns and their festivals

From the 10th to the 12th of July the “Medieval Festival” will take place in Abbadia San Salvatore, near Siena: monuments and taverns will be full of musicians, actors and medieval masks. On the 27th another Medieval Festival will be hosted at the Meleto Castle, located between Florence and Siena. Festivals with jugglers, flag bearers and jesters will continue throughout the summer season in Tuscan towns. At the Valiano Castle on the 28th of September a famous Chariot Race will be celebrated in Valiano, near Montepulciano. The various area teams compete to win the local “Palio”. Among the other Siena villages, we have to remember: Colle Val delsa, Radicofani and Monteriggioni. The latter hosts a Medieval Festival between the 2nd and the 11th of July. Monteriggioni in one of the most famous and well-preserved villages, just a few kilometres from Siena. With many monuments, towers, fortified walls and churches: in Monteriggioni you have the complete illusion of being in the past.

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