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Spa Resort in Tuscany

Spa Resorts in Tuscany: relax and wellness surrounded by wonderful landscapes

Spa Resorts in Tuscany: swimming in history

Most spa resorts in Tuscany were already popular in ancient times. They have not fallen out of popularity either, for even today they are still recommended for the treatment of rheumatism, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases , gynaecological and gastrointestinal disorders. Spa resorts in Tuscany combine wellness, fun, history and culture. Among the many spa resorts in Tuscany are: the Terme of Valle del Sole in Campiglia, of Versilia, of Sna Giovanni on Elba Island, of Equi, of Montepulciano, of Radincondoli, of San Giuliano di San Carlo, of Monticiano, and many more...

Spa Resort in Tuscany: Montecatini Terme

The first tanks, suitable for containing the hot thermal springs, were built in 1530 by the Medici family. However the breakthrough for the centre came with the construction of the drainage canals in Fucecchio plan, under the patronage of Graduca od Tuscany Leopoldo. At that time (1779) they built the first spa resorts. In 1905, the small town that used to be known as Montecatini, thanks to its well-renowned thermal waters, became known as "City of Bagni di Montecatini" before finally changing its name to "Montecatini Terme.

Spa Resort in Tuscany: Bagni di Lucca

The origins of Bagni di Lucca lay in Roman times, from the time of Caesar. The discovery of the miraculous virtues of its thermal waters occurred around 1000, when the Countess Matilda of Canossa, opened the spa resort to pilgrims travelling the nearby Via Francigena. 300 years later the first Italian Casino was opened, a gambling den controlled by the city of Lucca, whose proceeds were used to maintain the spa resort and to keep it open to pilgrims and the poor. Among the many well-known poets who have visited Bagni di Lucca, we can cite Dante, Byron, Shelley, Heine, Tosti, Carducci, Montale as well as composers such as Rossini and Verdi.

Spa Resort in Tuscany

Sacred, miraculous, legendary waters: spas in Tuscany between medicine and magic

Spa Resort in Tuscany: Chianciano Terme

Among Tuscan spa resorts, Chianciano is perhaps the one that most enjoyed fame and fortune in ancient times. The legendary Etruscan King Porsenna, wrote about Chianciano and its spa resort. The waters of Chianciano were called "Holy Waters" and its waters are still used for therapeutic purposes.

Spa Resort in Tuscany: Saturnia

Few spa resorts in Tuscany have such exotic origins as that of Saturnia. The legend says that a lightning bolt was directed to earth by Zeus, and from the crater began to pour the Saturnia thermal waters, that sre reputed to have the power to placate all manner of angers and illness. In ancient times Saturnia was considered to be a holy place, although the first real spa resort was built by the Medici, Cosimo II, and later by the Granduca of Tuscany Leopold II.

Spa Resort in Tuscany: Casciana

Among the spa resorts in Tuscany another of the most famous is that of Casciana. It was said that the hot waters of Casciana rejuvenated those who drank or bathed into it. Scientific research has today proven that its blend of natural elements have regenerative, rehabilitatong and reactivating effects on the body's processes. The modern spa resort of Casciana, dates back to 1968, although the old Renaissance and Neoclassical structures are still visible inside the thermal resorts.

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