Tirrenia and the Pisan Coast Tirrenia and the Pisan Coast

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Tirrenia and the Pisan Coast

Tirrenia and the Pisan coast: beautiful beaches near the Tower

The Tirrenia seaside: precious towns and cinema along the Pisan Coast

In the middle of the Pisan Coast, between Marina di Pisa and Livorno, Tirrenia created during the fascism thanks to the efforts of Costanzo Ciano who, with the favour of Mussolini, decided to promote the development of the Pisan Coast. Tirrenia raised as a seaside town, one of the first summer localities in Pisan territories. Tirrenia was also famous for hosting the first Italian cinematographic studios: the “Tirrenia Film Studios”, inaugurated in the 1933. Even if the cinema's industry was soon transferred in Rome, Tirrenia has the award of being the first capital of the Italian Cinema. Built in the typical fascist style, Tirrenia seaside represents on of the most beautiful and interesting example of rationalist architecture.

Founded on the 3th of November 1932, Tirrenia was immediately called the “Pearl of the Mediterranean” or the the “Pearl of Tirreno”

Dunes and military bases in the pisan territories: rarities and histories of the Tirrenia seaside

Not far away, along the Tirrenia seaside, stands on the of biggest American military bases in foreign territory: Camp Darby. The area was built in 1951, thanks to a deal between the Italian Republic and the United States, that devolved to the American Armies about one thousand hectares of the Pisan Coast, just where use to have place on the most acclaimed fascist farm, the “Fattoria di Tirrenia”.
Walking along the Tirrenia seaside is possible to visit the famous Dune of Tirrenia, one of the last examples of Dune environment in the Pisan Coast and in Italy. Recently was instituted the Tirrenia Dune Oasis, in order to protect the Pisan natural environment.

Tirrenia and the Pisan Coast

The Tirrenia seaside: Marina di Pisa, Calambrone, Tirrenia, the Pisan Coast between nature and nightlife

Many are the activities and entertainments that offer the Tirrenia seaside: spearfishing, golf, tennis, equitation, all of the them practicable in the various parks and protected areas submersed in the Mediterranean greenness. Moreover, Tirrenia seaside is famous for his nigh life, discotheques and locals opens both in the winter and summer season. Among those stands the Imperiale Club, one of the first and most important clubs for the electronic music on the Pisan seaside. The others seaside towns are: Marina di Pisa and Calambrone. The latter was identifiable with the ancient Pisan port, the outpost of the Maritime Republic of Pisa, but with the end the Maritime Republics Age, the area turn in a big swamp poorly inhabited. The other important pisan town of the Tirrenia seaside, is Marina di Pisa, famous for hosting the Arno delta. His seaside is characterized for the typical balances for fishing, in the pisan dialect called “retoni”.
In addition to the sports activities and entertainments, the Tirrenia seaside, that also inspired the Italian poet Gabriele D'Annunzio in his lyric “La pioggia nel pineto”, also is characterized for the presence of a number of natural parks: the Migliarino Park, San Rossore Park and the Massaciuccioli Lake, in which is possible to have guides on a carriage or on the waters of the Massaciuccioli Lake on a board of one precious steamer.

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