The Etruscan Coast: beautiful sea and history The Etruscan Coast: beautiful sea and history

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The Etruscan Coast: beautiful sea and history

A journey into the origins of Tuscany: the Etruscan Coast, sea, history, art and entertainment

Etruscan Coast: 90 km of beaches, beautiful sea and history
The Etruscan Coast is the shoreline that runs between Livorno and Piombino, in a succession of beautiful seaside towns as: Castiglioncello, Quercianella, Rosignano, Cecina, Bibbona, Marina of Castagneto and San Vincenzo. The coast is rich of histories and traditions of all sorts, from the local handicraft to the delicious Tuscany's traditional food, based on local productions.

All along the coast you have a succession of resort areas, fully equipped for a holidays, and protected areas, real wildlife refuges

The Etruscan Coast: the history
The name “Etruscan Coast” is due to the presence in the area of a huge amount of Etruscan remains, the ancient lords of Tuscany between the 9th and the 1th century BC.
Etruscan ruins are spread all over the coast. One of the most important examples is the Baratti-Populonia park, where, just a few meters away from the coast, raises the famous burials that also the famous artist Michelangelo used to visit trying to understanding the secrets of their constructions and beauties.
The importance of the Etruscan people, whose origins still lies in mystery, was so great that came to influence the rise of the Roman Empire. The 5th legendary king of Rome, Tarquinio Prisco, in fact was a rich Etruscan merchant from the city of Tarquinia, an importance Etruscan outpost in Lazio. The history of the Etruscan people, interested historians since the ancient time: just think that even the Roman Emperor Claudio, wrote (even if today they are lost) eight books on Etruscan culture and traditions.
Among all the Etruscan centres of the coast, one of the most relevant is Populonia. Overlooking the sea, Populonia had an important role in the ancient productions and traffic of iron, that the same Etruscan used to mine in the near Elba Isle. In the Populonia's necropolis, just off the coast, it is possible to have look at the incredible tombs excavated in the rock or built forming huge mounds. Inside the archaeological park you have a lot of different itineraries to discover the Etruscan activities and crafting methods. More artefacts and arts can be observed in the other Museum of the Etruscan Coast, as the ones of Rosignano Marittimo, Cecina and Piombino, where is kept the “Relict of Pozzino”. This ancient vessel was discovered in the blue waters in front of the Baratti's coast in 1973. It was full of painted ceramics, amphoraes and even ancient medical tools.

The Etruscan Coast: beautiful sea and history

The Etruscan Coast: Sports and resort among the vestiges of the past
The Etruscan Coast offers beaches, playgrounds, sailing schools, sports tours and nature reserves.

All along the coast you have a succession of resort areas, fully equipped for a holidays, and protected areas, real wildlife refuges.

Here, the nature is not only a frame, but it is the real essence of the Etruscan Coast. Stands the WWF Oasis of Bolgheri, the Magona Park, the Colline Livornesi Park, the Rimigliano Oasis, and in the Valley of Cornia – the farther part of the Etruscan Coast – the Sterpaia and Montioni Parks.
Not faraway from coast, for childes and families, is possible to have some fun in one of the most famous and funniest Tuscany's park, the Cavallino Matto park.
Between seaside towns and archaeological and natural parks, all along the Etruscan Coast runs more than 90 kilometres of beaches. The Etruscan Coast faces a deep blue sea, awarded with the Blue Flags of the European Union, varying from the white sand beach of Rosignano and Baratti Gulf, passing trough the brown sand of Marina di Castagneto, Bibbona and Cecina, to the sculptured rocks of Castiglioncello and Quercianella.
Is sufficient to have a walk along the Etruscan Coast to understand the deep relation that lies between history, art and natures.

Etruscan Coast: Info
Official tourist board Costa degli Etruschi
Piazza Cavour, 6 - 57126 - Livorno,
tel. +39(0)586 204611

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