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The Uccellina Park

Uccellina Park, discovering nature, art and history

May is all over Europe the month of the Festival of the Natural Reserves and the most ideal period to admire the beauteous riches of Tuscany, lush of flora and fauna not less than of art and landscapes. A very redundant program of events and dates is at disposal everywhere during this month, particularly at Uccellina Park, next to Grosseto, which nevertheless provides you with singular attractions also during the rest of the year, thanks to its multifaceted natural legacy.

Uccellina Park shines along the Tyrrenian coast, at the slopes of the omonimous mountains, in a dreamy place which unites sea to the wonderful nature of Tuscany

Uccellina Park: 9 800 hectares of nature

Uccellina Park (“Little She-Bird Park”) was one of the earliest natural reserves to be found in Italy as far as 1975, and it’s today among the most charming and interesting. It extends across 9 800 hectares along the Tuscan coast between Principina and Talamone in the province of Grosseto, shadowed by the Uccellina mountains, thick with maquis shrubland. Shrubs meet, along the gorgeous paths of the park, rare plants (the most rare being the Limonium Etruscum, whose name undoubtedly derives from the ancient people who lived here in the past and built Maremma as we know it today), in a landscape that is the last remain of primitive wetlands, the most famous, perhaps, in the world.

The Uccellina Park: trekking watching plants, flowers, animals and beautiful beaches

The passionate naturalist will be in touch, into Uccellina Park (maybe most renown under the name of Natural Reserve of Maremma), with the characteristic practices of the Maremman Butteros, the ancient herdsmen of the place, still putting out to pasture native cows and horses;

The Uccellina Park

while the trekking-aholic will trek along Uccellina park watching the plants, the flowers, the animals, following two paths which is possible to tread autonomously: how enthralling to penetrate into the nature along the Ombrone river! An experience that enriches you culturally and spiritually.

But you can also book some particular and evocative itineraries: expert and wise guides are at disposal, in English, French and German too, able to show the visitors never seen before patches, not only of a naturalistic, but also of a historic and artistic interest (sundry are the ancient and medieval ruins in the site of the Park).
As for the schools, the pupils will really acquire an ecological conscience in following one of the didactic itineraries of Uccellina: geology and mineralogy, flora and fauna, history and archeology, conservation of natural legacy and sustainable growth are some of the features they can approach in the Park.
The closeness to the sea produces an hypnotic suggestion: a perfect, relaxing calm for those who, after a hard trekking, long for a plunge into the wonderful water of Tuscany. The rotate of seasons creates moreover splendid pictures in a breathtaking landscape, rich in poetry and silence, fit for one looking, after the weariness of a city life, for contemplation and peace. Uccellina Park applies to a slow, meticulous, interior way of life, in a perfect fusion of nature and meditation.

The Uccellina Park: Info

The Park is situated at 7 km from Grosseto, in the town of Alberese, and can be visited every day, 8.30am to 6pm.

Centro Visite di Alberese
Tel: 0564 407098

Paolo Conti


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